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How to incorporate wellness into business events

Increasingly event planners are focusing on their attendees’ wellbeing – and it’s something we always encourage our clients to consider.

Attending an event can be draining, so by looking after people’s health and welfare, you show you care, help them get the most out of their day…and, of course, make your event even more successful!

Alex Palmer, founder of Kina Events, says:

People will appreciate your efforts to look after their health and wellbeing, making them much more likely to recommend or return to such a thoughtfully planned event.

“Also, if people are feeling mentally and physically well, they’re more likely to network and engage positively.”

Here are our ideas for wellness activities you can include in your next event:

Offer outdoor activities

Whether it’s taking part in nature walks or participating in an outdoor fitness class, helping your guests enjoy some fresh air can lower their stress levels and improve their mental health.

Activities might include cycling, yoga, pilates or tai chi – or you could organise a social responsibility activity which supports the local community, such as a beach clean-up or time volunteering at a city farm.

Even if your event has to be in a city centre, you can arrange for meals to be enjoyed outdoors (weather permitting!), for example on a terrace, or at a rooftop garden – and book a venue with as much natural light as possible for your guests to enjoy when they have to be indoors.

You can also bring the ‘outside in’ by using water features and natural materials like bamboo, wood and stone – and, of course, indoor plants which will also help improve air quality inside your venue.

Provide healthy food options

Offering a variety of delicious, healthy food and drink options that people want to eat will also have a positive effect on people’s physical and mental wellbeing.

Alex says:

The quality of the food can make or break attendees’ experience at an event, so it’s extremely important to get it right.

“You can also help make your event more sustainable by including locally-sourced and organic ingredients on your menu.”

And don’t forget to provide plenty of water! You can encourage your attendees to stay hydrated to help improve their energy and concentration levels.

By infusing water with natural flavours like cucumber, lemon or mint, you can introduce some variety and make it more appealing.

Include alternatives to alcohol

Alcohol is a big part of some events, but excessive consumption can lead to poor decisions, disruptive behaviour, and health risks.

If you want to maintain a professional atmosphere by limiting people’s intake, you can offer a set number of drink tickets per attendee or introduce time restrictions.

Additionally, you can encourage people to choose alternatives to alcohol by providing a selection of quality mocktails and non-alcoholic beers and spirits.

Create quiet spaces

Designated quiet spaces – often appreciated by those who are neurodivergent but beneficial for everyone – can help people take a break and recharge.

These spaces could include comfortable seating, noise-cancelling headphones, calming colours, soothing music and natural lighting. 

Soft furnishings and carpets can help absorb sound, reducing overall noise pollution and creating a more relaxing environment.

You could also provide ‘digital detox zones’, encouraging people to stay away from laptops and phones, further encouraging people to de-stress and be without distractions. 

Or go a step further and offer your guests the opportunity to take part in mindfulness activities such as guided meditation or deep breathing exercises.

Alex says:

Through these simple but thoughtful additions you can create an environment where your attendees feel really taken care of, which we think can only make your next event even more successful.”

If you have any questions or would like some help planning your business events, please contact the Kina Events team on 0207 205 7901 or send us an email.

How to incorporate wellness into business events

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