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09.09.21 - news

How to hold successful virtual networking events

Virtual and hybrid events are having a moment - but the general consensus is that virtual networking is difficult to get right. What can you do to ensure successful virtual networking at your next event?

26.08.21 - news

Is it possible to hold business events now?

The simple answer is yes, you can hold business events now. But - even though most Covid-19 restrictions have been lifted - the considerations for holding most events are still very different compared to before the pandemic. Read our expert advice.

12.08.21 - news

The future of events management roles post-pandemic

Covid-19 turned the events industry on its head and, as we know, led to many events being held in a virtual or hybrid format. The industry is beginning to find a way forward - but what skills will event managers need in future?

22.07.21 - news

Should companies hold a Christmas party this year?

In this post, we provide a round-up of expert advice on organising Christmas parties in 2021 - and outline some important considerations for businesses.

08.07.21 - news

The most commonly forgotten event-planning essentials

When you’re organising an event in addition to your usual role, inevitably - with so many tasks to complete - it can be easy to drop the ball. Here are the top ‘often forgotten’ event-planning essentials Kina Events’ experts always have covered off for our clients.

24.06.21 - news

Should event catering be 100% plant-based?

Around 1.5 million people in the UK are vegan and many more are vegetarian, pescatarian or actively reducing the amount of animal products they consume. So should event catering be 100% plant-based?

10.06.21 - news

How to use data to personalise event experiences

Events organisers can now offer personalised experiences to their audiences, thanks to the data we’re collecting through virtual and hybrid events platforms and apps.

24.05.21 - news

How to plan a Covid-secure outdoor event

If you’re thinking of holding an event this summer, outdoors could be a sensible option (if the weather ever improves!). Read our advice for holding events in the great outdoors in 2021!

17.05.21 - news

Government pilot events: could they mean a return to business?

The events industry is waiting with bated breath as the UK Government’s pilot events swing into action. So should you start planning that large, in-person business event?

22.04.21 - news

Are events management qualifications worth it?

Is it worth spending the time and money on events management training, or is it best to gain experience in the workplace?

12.04.21 - news

Top tips for engaging virtual event audiences

It can be challenging to engage virtual and hybrid event audiences throughout an event, so it’s vital organisers do everything possible to help them feel involved. Here are Kina Events’ top 10 tips for creating a compelling and engaging event.

25.03.21 - news

Is the future of events hybrid?

Hybrid events may not have been on your radar a year ago - but, thanks to Covid-19, have they become the future? In the past, hybrid events were often an afterthought and involved a livestream or recording of event proceedings that were broadcasted to virtual attendees. Now, however, we’ve learned that so much more is possible - and virtual audiences’ expectations have risen.

11.03.21 - news

Lockdown roadmap brings hope for summer events

Glimmers of hope are beginning to appear for the events industry with Boris Johnson’s roadmap out of lockdown. It suggests that, by this summer, in-person events may finally be possible in England.

25.02.21 - news

What will post-Covid event catering be like?

The events industry will need to find new and safe ways of delivering an enjoyable eating and drinking experience - especially as, for most people, it’s such an important part of attending an event.

11.02.21 - news

Top tips for venue-sourcing post Covid-19 pandemic

Your venue choices will be very different post-Covid-19 as legal requirements - and your guests’ priorities - will undoubtedly have changed. Here are our top tips for selecting a venue for post-lockdown events.

21.01.21 - news

How to make money from virtual events

Hybrid and virtual events have been a brilliant way to continue holding events during the Covid-19 crisis - but how can you make money from them?

07.01.21 - news

How to use Covid-19 to help you set new goals for 2021

January is traditionally the time we set ourselves new resolutions and goals for the coming year. This new year could be a unique opportunity to look at how you want to spend the next 12 months with a fresh perspective.

28.12.20 - news

How to make virtual events more inclusive

This year is the 25th anniversary of disability rights legislation in the UK. It’s understandable if you’d missed this fact until now. But, despite everything else that’s going on, it’s important that as 2020 comes to a close we mark the anniversary of the groundbreaking Disability and Discrimination Act.

10.12.20 - news

2021: A new beginning for events

There’s no doubt about it, 2020 has been a dire year for the events industry - however, there are glimmers of hope on the horizon. We take a look ahead to 2021.

25.11.20 - news

How to cope with redundancy

The events industry has been hit hard by the Covid-19 crisis and many jobs are at risk of redundancy. Here are our tips to help you cope.

13.11.20 - news

What will happen to work Christmas parties in 2020?

Top tips for fantastic festive virtual office Christmas parties in 2020

22.10.20 - news

Events industry: it’s time for positive action on diversity

We need to do more to tackle the lack of diversity and inclusion in the events industry. Kina Events explains how to turn talk into action.

01.10.20 - news

How to plan a Covid-secure event

We can still plan events, but we need to be flexible - and have robust back-up plans in place should regulations change.

24.09.20 - news

Covid-19 and sustainable events: a catalyst for action

Let’s use the Covid-19 pandemic to kickstart a transformation and help the events industry set the standard on sustainability.

11.09.20 - news

How to find the best guest speakers for your events

As Covid-19 restrictions ease and we start to plan ahead, now’s the perfect time to look for the best speaker for your online, hybrid or in-person event.

13.08.20 - news

Caring for our mental health during the coronavirus pandemic

Advice for individuals and employers on how events professionals can look after their mental health and wellbeing during Covid-19

09.07.20 - news

How to have difficult conversations during the Covid-19 crisis

The Kina Events team shares its top tips for handling challenging work conversations during the coronavirus pandemic.

22.06.20 - news

Should you plan or cancel autumn events? We help you decide.

The Kina Events 12-point checklist gives practical considerations to help you decide whether to plan or cancel an event in light of Covid-19.

09.06.20 - news

What events might look like post-coronavirus lockdown

When we’re able to hold events again, what might they look like? Here are our ideas about how events might work, post-coronavirus lockdown.

15.05.20 - news

Top 10 tips for running a successful online event

While no one can deny the benefits of face-to-face contact and networking, taking your event online is currently the only way to ‘get people together’ safely.

10.04.20 - news

Coronavirus and events: the show must go on(line)

You can host online events, give presentations, stream video content or network with new clients during the coronavirus crisis - and no one has to leave home.

11.03.20 - news

How to make your next event more sustainable

It’s no longer acceptable to gloss over sustainability issues when planning events - taking visible, positive action is an absolute must. So now’s the time to ensure you and your event don’t get left behind! But how should you go about it?

06.01.20 - news

How to exhibit like a pro at a conference or trade show

At the beginning of the year, many companies start to think strategically about trade shows that are coming up in their industry, and how to make the most of them.

02.12.19 - news

Hidden gems: fabulous event spaces for hire in London

At Kina Events we are London-born and bred and so, unsurprisingly, rather proud of our wonderful home city. This week we have curated a list of some of the often-overlooked event venues in London that can help add a little interest to your event.

20.11.19 - news

Is the traditional Office Christmas party dead?

The Christmas party is an important tradition in British society, allowing for employees to celebrate, revel in their work achievements for the year and, generally, let off some well-deserved steam. Whilst most of our corporate clients start planning their Christmas party many months in advance, for those who haven’t quite got there yet, panic not!

05.11.19 - news

Spice up your life: team-building activities with a difference

Team bonding is absolutely crucial to business success, although team-building events themselves still carry a reputation for being uninspiring and, to be frank, not very impactful.

21.08.19 - news

Six castles to use as your perfect event space

At Kina Events we are often tasked with finding alternative venues for commercial events. Spaces that are beautiful, interesting and help position a brand in the market.

07.05.19 - news

How to effectively use Near Field Communication (NFC) in your event

NFC essentially allows smartphones to communicate with readers and other NFC readers and it is estimated that by 2019 it will be included in 1.2 billion mobile phones.

05.03.19 - news

Technology changing the face of events

This week we are embracing our inner nerd and taking a look at some of the technology innovations that are set to change events over the next few years.

04.02.19 - news

Most unusual events around the world

It may seem rather hard to believe and, in truth, more than a little worrying but 2019 really is just around the corner and, as always, a New Year really does signal the dawn for some new event trends.

20.12.18 - news

Event trends for 2019

It may seem rather hard to believe and, in truth, more than a little worrying but 2019 really is just around the corner and, as always, a New Year really does signal the dawn for some new event trends.

18.12.18 - news

How to create a green, glorious and sustainable event

This week we have spoken to some of the key influencers in the sustainability sector to gain an understanding of how to make events more eco-friendly.

03.09.18 - news

The Big, Bad Wolf? Why you shouldn’t be afraid to outsource your events…

At Kina Events, providing specialist outsourced events support is our speciality, creating innovative and exciting events for our clients across London and the South East. However, when speaking with potential clients, we often find that there is a huge amount of fear around taking the plunge and utilising a service such as ours.

06.08.18 - news

Why you should consider an Events Mentor for your team

At Kina Events we are especially proud of one of our more innovative services that sees us act as a Mentor to marketing and events executives that are seeking to develop their event planning role with their organisation.

11.07.18 - news

Organising the perfect marquee for your event

This week we had the pleasure of interviewing Guy Creegen of Four Seasons Marquees to gain some industry expertise into planning the perfect marquee event.

26.06.18 - news

How to source the best host / facilitator for your event

This week at Kina Events we were honoured to speak with CNBC Business Presenter, Nadine Dereza, a presenter with an achingly fantastic pedigree.

14.05.18 - news

Why your event is not ‘the end’…

We’ve all been there… somebody internal (usually pretty senior) sidles up - sheepishly - to your desk, post-event, and says something like… ‘Can you give me a breakdown of x from (such and such event)?’

20.02.18 - news

Inclusivity at events

If you've ever had a nightmare where no one can see or hear you, no matter how hard you try, you've experienced the intense frustration that's all too common for disabled people attending business events.

14.02.18 - news

Planning the perfect flowers for your corporate event

Continuing on with our theme of collaboration, this week we spoke to Shilpa Reddy, a former doctor turned florist who has been running her own business for two years. An enormously impressive individual who seamlessly spans two different disciplines.

29.01.18 - news

How to create the perfect video for your event

This week at @KinaEvents we were delighted to speak with Ross Edwards of Shooting Stories. Ross is a fantastic videographer we often work with on our events and whom we trust implicitly.

22.11.17 - news

Why events audits are good for you!

It’s Monday morning, and you zone in on the killer words: ‘We’re going to be audited’. Your heart sinks. Your boss has said this calmly, but the fear is instantly there. There’s a little inward groan, or a little nervous laughter. Or both.

01.10.17 - news

How to get the most of out working with live music acts

Self-taught, but from a musical family; Elliot was surrounded by instruments from a young age and early on gained a passion for music. A talented songwriter, singer, pianist and guitarist, he has been in the industry for eight years and has worked across the UK and Europe for illustrious brands such as Cadbury, Hilton Hotels, Pizza Express and Harvey Nichols.

08.08.17 - news

Accommodating dietary issues at events

Many a joke has been made about the dietary requirements of individuals in this day and age (we all know it can be a nightmare sometimes…!), but the truth is never before have we been quite so empowered to control our diets. This is, in our opinion, extremely positive.

16.07.17 - news

How to survive the office Christmas party nightmare – bah humbug!

It’s that time of year again. No, it’s not Christmas yet….it’s probably May or June. Last year you swore to yourself that THIS was the year that you were going to get the Christmas party organised earlier!

26.04.17 - news

How outsourcing your events can get you from events stress to events nirvana

Why simply ‘getting to Friday’ has become your biggest events challenge...

13.01.17 - news

Are you really exceeding event expectations?

I have long been fascinated by customer service in, I admit, a slightly geeky way. In my opinion, terrible customer service is widespread in the UK – we deserve better! – it gets me really hot under the collar.

04.01.17 - news

Top 5 event management mistakes and how to avoid them

Events share one key characteristic – stress! – and being under pressure makes you more likely to make event mistakes. Here are my top 5 event management mistakes and how to avoid them.


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