How relaxation of Covid-19 rules could affect your next event

Demand for events between now and the end of the year is high – and it’s clear our clients are keen to return to in-person events now Covid-19 rules have been relaxed.

However, the impact of the pandemic will inevitably lead to long-lasting changes to the way we plan events.

Here are our insights on how the relaxation of Covid-19 rules has affected business event planning so far:

Venues are in high demand

Kina Events founder Alex Palmer says:

We’re seeing a pent up demand for events which is having an enormous impact on venue availability.

“Hotels and venues already have previously postponed bookings in the diary and now have increased demand for new events, particularly during the summer months and Christmas party season.

“So this is definitely a new challenge for event organisers now restrictions have been lifted.”

It’s really important to plan as far as you can in advance to give you the best chance of securing the venue you want – particularly those with the best health and safety measures in place.

Venues are also more likely to work on a first-come-first-served basis, so once you’ve made an enquiry with a venue it’s vital you can make a final decision – and sign contracts – quickly to reduce the risk of missing out.

Kina Events provides a venue finding service, which could save you both time and money with our expert venue finders doing all the hard work for you.

Caution around contracts

It’s more important than ever to have an excellent understanding of contracts and to negotiate the best possible terms for your business.

Alex says:

We are experienced negotiators at Kina Events and have been achieving favourable terms for our clients on venue and supplier contracts for many years, including during the pandemic.

“Our specialists know exactly what to ask for, and can take the time and worry involved in contract negotiations off your shoulders.

Working with us allows you to plan your events with confidence and provides peace of mind.”

More mid-week events

Another shift we’ve noticed since restrictions were lifted is that Fridays and Mondays have become much less popular for in-person events.

It’s difficult to predict why this might be, but our best guess is that businesses are continuing to follow hybrid working practices and these are popular days for people to work from home.

This change could put further pressure on venue and supplier availability and increase prices if mid-week social events and conferences become more popular…only time will tell!

It’s also worth bearing in mind that lots of event organisers want the option to run a virtual or hybrid event, so availability for venues that can accommodate these is looking particularly limited until the end of the year.

Slower comeback for international travel 

Understandably, individuals and businesses are approaching international travel for events and meetings with caution.

Alex says:

People are used to attending events broadcast on the other side of the world via their laptop in their home office. 

“Quite rightly, they’ve realised that flying thousands of miles for a business meeting or conference is not always worth the time, money or negative effect on the environment.”

It’s now essential for event organisers to show the meaningful changes they’re making to reduce their impact on the environment.



If you have any questions or would like some help planning your business events, please contact the Kina Events team on 0207 205 7901 or send us an email.

How relaxation of Covid-19 rules could affect your next event

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